Women's basketball vs Barton

The Lady Red Devils would get off to a slow start again tonight against Barton as they took a 5-0 lead in the first minute. However, the ladies would not give up and would go on a run of their own and tie it up at 5 with 2 possessions. Damonica Franklin hit 3 shots in a row to keep the attack going as they would extend their lead 11-5 over Barton. The ladies should have ran away with the lead but didn't as turnovers started to be a problem. The lead would go back and forth 6 more as the ladies would not attack on offense. The ladies would continue to compete even though they would come up short at the half being down 27-31. 


The ladies came out of the locker room and would go on a run to get the lead back in the game 38-36. Sequerah Alleyne led a defensive attack by diving into the bench and creating crucial possessions for the ladies. However, the ladies would not convert on offense and go stagnant the entire fourth quarter. Barton would take a 4 point lead in the last 6 minutes and not look back. Overall, the ladies had another game in which they did not show up and execute the designed game plan. This would end in a dramatic disappointment for the ladies as this was a game they should have won but they let it slip away. Barton takes the game by a final score 68-56. 


The ladies were led by Damonica Franklin who had 15 points and 10 rebounds. Sequerah Alleyne added 10 points while Tamera Shaver added 8. The ladies are now 3-3 in conference and will travel on Saturday to take on Cowley.